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There are many kinds of automatic ultrasonic cleaners on the market, and the product quality and service of different manufacturers are different. So, which manufacturer is better to choose? Many consumers have such questions before purchasing. You can refer to the following points.
1. See the manufacturer's technical R&D strength
Technology is very important for manufacturers. If the technology is qualified, the products designed and developed will be better and more powerful.
2. Look at the process and materials of the equipment
When choosing an automatic ultrasonic cleaner, pay special attention to whether the material quality of the equipment is up to the standard and whether the workmanship is exquisite. If it is rough and plastic, you should not choose it.
3. Look at the manufacturer's service strength
如果厂家优 秀,那么它的服务也是比较好的,能够免去客户的后顾之忧,是可以放心选择的。
If the manufacturer is excellent, then its service is also relatively good, which can eliminate the customer's worries and can be selected with confidence.
Therefore, if you choose a full-automatic ultrasonic cleaning machine, you can refer to the above points to select appropriate equipment for better use.
Main application scenarios of automatic ultrasonic cleaning machine
1. Microelectronic monocrystalline silicon wafer, cleaning the manufacturing process of integrated circuit
Normal people can hear kilohertz sound waves. Sound waves below kilohertz are called infrasound waves or infrasound waves. The sound wave above kilohertz is called ultrasonic wave
2. Clean electronic and electrical components - resistors, capacitors, electronic equipment, magnetic equipment, low-voltage electrical products
Ultrasonic cleaning function: "ultrasonic cleaning technology" refers to the use of ultrasonic cavitation to impact and peel off dirt on the surface of objects to achieve the purpose of cleaning. Effort saving: the ultrasonic cleaning machine can realize automatic cleaning and drying of the workpiece. Only one operator can clean the upper and lower ends of the workpiece, greatly reducing the personnel and cleaning time required for manual cleaning
3. Metal stamping - after stamping, remove oil stain, rust, and dirt on metal products
Ultrasonic hydrocarbon absorption has become the development direction of environmental friendly ultrasonic cleaning in the future. In recent years, the special application of ultrasonic cleaning appears ultrasonic descaling
4. Mechanical parts - machined metal parts used to remove oil, chips, rust, rust and dirt
Put on the air conditioner waterproof cover and spray air conditioner cleaning agent to clean the aluminum fins; Spray the cleaner on the plastic shell to clean and brush the air conditioner wind wheel; Brush the aluminum fins of the air conditioner, clean the air conditioner fan wheel, and clean the air conditioner drain pipe. At the beginning of summer and winter every year, the secondary cleaning shall be carried out twice to achieve the purpose of sterilization, elimination and purification
5. Household appliances - manufacturing household appliances, such as pipes, air conditioners, refrigerator accessories, water heaters, stoves, electric rice cookers, induction cookers, electric fans, juicers, electric irons and other cleaning metal parts
Main parameter frequency of ultrasonic cleaning machine: it can be divided into low frequency, medium frequency and high frequency. Cleaning medium: ultrasonic cleaning, generally there are two kinds of cleaning agents: chemical solvent and water-based cleaning agent
After scrubbing or wiping off oil stains with a towel, gently wipe the traces and contours of residual gasoline with a dry towel or cloth to prevent the residual oil stains from forming white circles and affecting the appearance
6. Electroplating, vacuum electroplating - stripping, oxidation coating, degreasing, polishing wax, polishing paste, etc
According to the relevant studies, the average daily intake of surfactant is. Magnesium is the safety line. Then, after washing the dishes with dishwashing soap, the number of dishes left on the dishes is far lower than this line, so it can be considered safe and consumers can use it with confidence. It is widely used in automobile, household appliances and other industries. The main component of brominated detergent is high purity n-bromopropane. Its performance is comparable to that of the automatic trough type ultrasonic cleaning machine.
7. Watches, glasses and jewelry - after polishing in the manufacturing process, the metal shell, watch strap, moving parts, glasses frame and jewelry are precisely cleaned
Basic principle of automatic ultrasonic cleaner extraction
For the extraction of intracellular substances, cell wall is one of the important factors affecting the extraction speed. Ordinary chemical or mechanical methods are difficult to achieve the ideal grinding effect. Ultrasound can generate and transmit powerful energy. When it acts on the liquid, a large number of cavities will be generated. These bubbles will instantly increase explosion under the continuous action of ultrasonic wave, producing impact force up to gigapapa, that is, cavitation.
This powerful impact force can break the cell wall and the whole organism, so that components can be quickly released from the cell and dissolved in the solvent. In addition, ultrasound has a variety of functions, such as mechanical, thermal and emulsification, which are conducive to the extraction of ingredients from animals and plants.

Extraction characteristics of automatic ultrasonic cleaning machine
Ultrasonic extraction technology is suitable for the extraction of animal and plant components, which is a new way and process to change the traditional extraction process. Compared with traditional extraction methods such as water distillation, boiling and solvent extraction, the automatic ultrasonic cleaning machine has the following characteristics:
1. The extraction temperature is low to avoid the damage of high temperature to the components.
2. Wide applicability, ultrasonic wave can extract various components.
3. Reduce solvent consumption and improve economic benefits.
4. The operation is simple and can be completed by a single device.
5. The extraction rate is high and time-consuming.
The above is a detailed introduction of the automatic ultrasonic cleaner for you, and I hope it will be helpful to you. If you have any questions, please contact us. We will provide you with professional services










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